The Progress Of The Christian Religion29

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 It was no doubt moulded upwith the tenet of the transmigration of the soul, perhaps withnotions analogous to the emanation system of India in which thehuman soul was an efflux from or indeed a part of, the Deity. The Mosaic religion drew a wide and impassable interval Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

betweenthe Creator and created human beings: in this it differed fromthe Egyptian and all the Eastern religions.  As then theimmortality of the soul was thus inseparably blended with thoseforeign religions which were altogether to be effaced from theminds of the people, and by no Office 2010 is my favorite.

means necessary for theestablishment of the theocracy, Moses maintained silence on thispoint and a purer notion of it was left to be developed at a morefavorable period in the history of man. - M.] [Footnote 58: See Le Clerc (Prolegomena ad Hist. Ecclesiast.sect. 1, c. 8 His authority seems to carry the greater weight, ashe has written a learned and judicious commentary on the books ofthe Old Testament.][Footnote 59: Joseph. Antiquitat. l. xiii. c. 10.Microsoft Office is helpful.

  De Bell. Jud.ii. 8. According to the most natural interpretation of his words,the Sadducees admitted only the Pentateuch; but it has pleasedsome modern critics to add the Prophets to their creed, and tosuppose that they contented themselves with rejecting thetraditions of the Pharisees.  Dr. Jortin has argued that point inhis Remarks on Ecclesiastical History, vol. ii. p. 103.]      When the promise of eternal happiness was proposed tomankind on condition of adopting the faith, Outlook 2010 is powerful.

and of observing theprecepts, of the gospel, it is no wonder that so advantageous anoffer should have been accepted by great numbers of everyreligion, of every rank, and of every province in the Romanempire.  The ancient Christians were animated by a contempt fortheir present existence, and by a just confidence of immortality,of which the doubtful and imperfect faith of modern ages cannotgive us any adequate notion.

 In the primitive church, theinfluence of truth was very powerfully strengthened by anopinion, which, however it may deserve respect for its usefulnessand antiquity, has not been found agreeable to experience.  Itwas universally believed, that the end of the world, and thekingdom of heaven, were at hand. ^* The near approach of thiswonderful event had been predicted by the apostles; the traditionof it was preserved by their earliest disciples, and those whounderstood in their literal senses the discourse of Christhimself, were obliged to expect the second and glorious coming ofthe Son of Man in the clouds, before that generation was totallyextinguished, which had beheld his humble condition upon earth,and which might still be Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

witness of the calamities of the Jewsunder Vespasian or Hadrian.

 The revolution of seventeencenturies has instructed us not to press too closely themysterious language of prophecy and revelation; but as long as,for wise purposes, this error was permitted to subsist in thechurch, it was productive of the most salutary effects on thefaith and practice of Christians, who lived in the awfulexpectation of that moment, when the globe itself, and all thevarious race of mankind, should tremble at the appearance oftheir divine Judge. ^60[Footnote *: This was, in fact, an integral part of the Jewishnotion of the Messiah, from which the minds of the Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

apostlesthemselves were but gradually detached.  See Bertholdt,Christologia Judaeorum, concluding chapters - M.] [Footnote 60: This expectation was countenanced by thetwenty-fourth chapter of St. Matthew, and by the first epistle ofSt. Paul to the Thessalonians. Erasmus removes the difficulty bythe help of allegory and metaphor; and the learned Grotiusventures to insinuate, that, for wise purposes, the piousdeception was permitted to take place. 



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