The Progress Of The Christian Religion28

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 Modern writers have accounted in variousways for the silence of the Hebrew legislator on the immortalityof the soul.  According to Michaelis, "Moses wrote as anhistorian and as a lawgiver; he regulated the ecclesiasticaldiscipline, rather than the religious belief of his people; andthe Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

sanctions of the law being temporal, he had no occasion, andas a civil legislator could not with propriety, threatenpunishments in another world.  See Michaelis, Laws of Moses, art.272, Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

vol. iv. p. 209, Eng. Trans.; and Syntagma Commentationum,p. 80, quoted by Guizot.  M. Guizot adds, the "ingeniousconjecture of a philosophic theologian," which approximates to anopinion long entertained by the Editor. That writer believes,that in the state of civilization at the time of the legislator,this doctrine, become popular among the Jews, would necessarilyhave given Office 2010 is powerful!

birth to a multitude of idolatrous superstitions whichhe wished to prevent.  His primary object was to establish a firmtheocracy, to make his people the conservators of the doctrine ofthe Divine Unity, the basis upon which Christianity was hereafterto rest.  He carefully excluded everything which could obscure orweaken that doctrine.

 Other nations had strangely abused theirnotions on the immortality of the soul; Moses wished to preventthis abuse: hence he forbade the Jews from consultingnecromancers, (those who evoke the spirits of the dead.) Deut.xviii. 11. 

Those who reflect on the state of the Pagans and theJews, and on the facility with which idolatry crept in on everyside, will not be astonished that Moses has not developed adoctrine of which the Office 2007 key is very convenient!

influence might be more pernicious thanuseful to his people.  Orat. Fest. de Vitae Immort. Spe., &c.,auct. Ph. Alb. Stapfer, p. 12 13, 20.  Berne, 1787.     Moses, as well from the intimations scattered in hiswritings, the passage relating to the translation of Enoch, (Gen.v. 24,) the prohibition of necromancy, (Michaelis believes him tobe the author of the Book of Job Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

though this opinion is ingeneral rejected; other learned writers consider this Book to becoeval with and known to Moses,) as from his long residence inEgypt, and his acquaintance with Egyptian wisdom, could not beignorant of the doctrine of the immortality of the soul.  Butthis doctrine if popularly known among the Jews, must have beenpurely Egyptian, and as so, intimately connected with the wholereligious system of that country.



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