January 2011

New Voodoo Economics<7>

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The U.N. has long been at odds with the U.S., which many of its member states see as a rich bully that prefers to go it alone. Similarly,

recent Republican administrations have maintained strained relationships with the U.N., which they have regarded as antagonistic to American Office 2007 makes life great!

interests such as a missile defense system, the death penalty, the Second Amendment, global warming strategies, and the U.N. World Conference

Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerance's insistence on equating Zionism with racism. Likewise, the U.S. Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

has had a Who's-Afraid-of-Virginia-Woolf relationship with the U.N.'s side project UNESCO. In fact, the U.S. quit UNESCO in 1984, frustrated

at its years of mismanagement. The U.S. returned in 2003, only to face accusations of cultural Windows 7 is inexpensive and helpful.


BEHIND THIS TALK ABOUT protecting cultural diversity is UNESCO's veiled attempt to undermine the free market and free trade via protectionism Microsoft outlook is convenient!

and quotas. For instance, if France succeeds in getting UNESCO to declare that films are something other than what they are, i.e.,

commodities, they can be excluded from WTO agreements that ban protectionism and tariffs. Without protectionism, it is rightly believed, no Outlook 2010 is powerful.

one will watch snoozy French films. That may very well be true, but shouldn't this serve as an incentive for the French to make more viable

films, maybe hire a few American directors to show them how it's done?

Films, television, and pop music are, in the end, what this row is all about. France and its comrades at UNESCO do not get all worked up when

some new T.C. Boyle novel shows up in translation in Left Bank bookstores. No one in Italy whines when Angels in America is produced at the

Teatro di Roma. Films, television shows, and pop music however are big business. Yet UNESCO microsoft visio 2010 changes our life

pretends that it is only the U.S. that treats

cultural products as commodities to be exported like sportswear and Dog and Suds rootbeer.

The elephant in UNESCO's boardroom is that the world's population craves American popular culture. It's not just that American films are

better scripted, better filmed, and better produced, they are also generally more entertaining. More, they give an international audience a Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

snapshot of life in a free, democratic America, a life many dream of having for themselves and their families. For many, exposure to American

films becomes a factor in their decisions to immigrate here. True, some may get a skewed view of project 2010

America based on certain films. Back in the

early '90s, many of my friends in Eastern Europe believed that America was similar to its depiction on the ghastly but popular television

series Dynasty. I quickly disabused them of that notion, steering them toward films that more accurately depict middle and working class

America.adobe Acrobat

CONTRARY TO WHAT SOME Euro-snobs believe, America has a lot to offer the world, and not just in its example of liberal democracy, its

monetary aid, and its peace-keeping capabilities. America still boasts the world's most vibrant culture. In recent times it has given the

world George Gershwin and Charlie Parker, Robert Johnson and Hank Williams, Francis Ford Coppola and Frank Lloyd Wright, William Faulkner and

Eugene O'Neil. America has been the haven where foreign artists from Jean Renoir to Czeslaw Milosz have come to seek refuge and freely

express themselves and their artistic vision. Would other nations really be more diverse and better off if the U.S. kept these artists and

their influences to itself?microsoft project 2010



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